E-design is a service provided for clients who live outside of the Los Angeles area who would like complete concept assistance in designing a room or rooms in their home.

Once we receive specific information from you, you will receive a design plan which details what needs to be done to complete your room. It is accompanied by an electronic inspiration board which includes rug, fabric, furniture, accessory, art, paint colors, window treatment, and lighting suggestions.You will also receive a list of links to purchase the recommended products.

How to Begin:

  • E-mail andrika@me.com to tells us about the rooms you are interested in having decorated. If you have any inspirational photos or “must have’s” please include that in your e-mail.
  • Submit payment through PayPal
  • Fill out the design questionnaire which will be emailed to you after payment has been received.
  • Email photos and measurements of your room to andrika@me.com

Next Step:

One we have received your questionnaire, payment, room measurements, and photos, we will begin the design process.In approximately three weeks, we will e-mail your complete design plan.  All information is sent electronically. Rates start at $600 depending on room size.  If you need more guided assistance throughout the project, you may work with a designer at an hourly fee of $75 per hour for phone calls & additional e-mails & extra research after the project has been submitted.